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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Great Weekend!!!

It has been a long Friday and Saturday but it was filled with adventure.

A fun Friday hanging with family. We then headed to get ready for the CABO show. This was our first alpaca show. We looked at the seminar beginning offered and made a plan.....Eric would take the girls around the show and arena while I took 4 classes.

Plan worked for the most part. One of my classes was canceled but the rest were super informative. The girls were excited to see all of the alpacas and Hannah loved getting all of the "kisses" from the young alpacas. Grace only had one and a half meltdowns.

We were always told to go to an alpaca show before we started the farm. We never had a chance before the alpacas arrived. It was always clearing the land, barn buildings, beach trips, football games, barn building (had to say that twice to sandwich it between work and play!!!).

My advice to exploring or new farmers...go to a show before you buy!!! Lesson learned. I learned today that I spent money on a microscope when I should have waited a few more months or years. Now this was a $500 lesson learned. If this is the only mistake I make while owning this farm then I am a business genius!!!

Here is what came from one day: new ways to market the fiber, talked to our feed company, found an alternative to the hay we have, decided we needed a trailer with sleeping quarters, saw how much we can make with good breeding and feeding decisions, and saw how much more marketing material we need!!! With some research and patience, we learned today, we will be a success!!!

The only bad thing from the weekend is our submission into the humor category photo contest did not win a ribbon!!! We saw several people laugh at it but maybe tomorrow we will find out we won people's choice!!!