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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Farm in Booming!!!

We had our first call for a farm visit with interest in purchasing animals. We hope that they will be able to visit us soon. Even if we don't sale an animal, it is great to help someone else make their decision on getting started in the business.

The field trips are rolling in!! We have a large group coming for a visit this month. We also have a school group coming next month for an educational class and tour. We are so excited about this part of our business. We hope that is continues to expand next year and for years to come.

This month includes planting the winter fields, building a barn in a bag for the boys, weaning the crias, fall breedings of three of our females, and Saturday trips to our local farmers' market to sale more alpaca items. I thought spring was busy but fall is looking like it will be busier!! Busy means growth. Growth means success!!!

We are so excited that the farm is growing and becoming a success. I will try to be better about updating our blog so that everyone knows what is happening at the farm!!!!