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Sunday, May 15, 2016

So many updates....

Carmel's blanket on the skirting table.

Carmel's blanket on the skirting table.

I have been terrible at keeping our blog up-to-date. So much has been happening at the farm!

We FINALLY finished our boy barn. We moved two juvenile boys into their new home the first of April. We were worried about protection for them about we have had a few coyote encounters. We are on the waiting list for a rescue llama. In the meantime, we are borrowing my sister's donkey, Juanita! She is so sweet and keeps a watchful eye on the boys.

We sheared the herd in the middle of April. Boy the fleece! We will be shipping our fleece for processing within the next week. We hope to have finished yarn within the next 8 weeks!!

We have wrapped up our field trip season. It is always busy but fun. We are already making plans for the fall season. We try to have something new every time a group comes to visit. On our plans for the fall are picture cutouts and a walking tour of the farm!!!

We will be offering two summer camps this year during the month of June. Keep checking back for more details.

And speaking of summer camps, Newberry's Camp Conservation will be visiting with us in July. If you are interested in the week-long camp, please visit their website at

I promise I am going to get better at this blog thing!!
All the bags of fleece!!

All the bags of fleece!!