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As we shear our herd of alpacas and llamas each spring. Some of their fleece cannot be processed into yarn or roving. We find uses for all of our fleece. So why not keep a bird warm!!! Hang the 6" ball, 8" ball or 10" star in a tree and the birds will pick from it to build nests! The grapevine ball and stars are filled with a mix of 100% alpaca and llama fleece.

These alpaca nesting balls with our alpaca hair comes in 3 different sizes 8”,6”,4”, and refill sizes.
These Alpaca Nesting Balls made from alpaca hair are great for Hummingbird Nesting Houses, Birds Nest For Outdoor, Bird Nesting Station because they make for a cozy and warm nest during the winter season and throughout the year. Once all of the fleece is gone, refill it with more! 
These Alpaca nesting balls will be keeping all the birds happy during the spring and the winter because of the warmth from the alpaca hair! Refillls are available.

Nesting Ball

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