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Our picnic shelter

Our picnic shelter

Looking for field trip ideas for your school, home school group, youth group, or civic group? Want to host a different birthday party or event meeting?

Contact us today to arrange your educational visit to our alpaca farm.

Most children and adults have never visited an alpaca farm nor been exposed to an alpaca even in a petting zoo environment.  By visiting Carolina Pride Pastures, your students will experience a new outdoor adventure, have fun, and learn all at the same time.

During our life science presentation, students will explore:

  • The history of alpacas in the United States
  • The camelid family
  • How fleece is made into yarn
  • How yarn produces clothing and other items
  • And much more…


Basic field trips start at $5 per student and include a tour of the farm, tons of picture opportunities with the alpacas, and a short educational presentation.  Field trips can be customized to include alpaca crafts, a comprehensive educational presentation, and more.

Check out our album labeled field trips for more pictures.  Teachers and chaperones are free!! Catering is available with lunch options starting at $6 per person.

Space is limited so call or e-mail us today to start planning!


 The following activities are part of the farm tour.

EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION: Under our covered shelter, students will be given a short education presentation about the alpacas and llamas, what they need to survive and thrive, and how we use them.

MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE ALPACAS: In small groups, students will have the opportunity to feed the alpacas and llamas, touch their fleece, and take plenty of pictures.  Some of the alpacas are very friendly  and will let you touch them; others only care about the food in your hand.  Once it is gone, they are gone.  Yes, alpacas spit but it is usually at another alpaca for their food.  Sometimes the human gets in the way of the spit!!

ENVIRONMENTAL STATIONS: In small groups, students will observe the weather that day, discover the distance and direction to several locations throughout the state, country, and world.  Traveling through our wildflower field, visitors will observe pollinators and their importance to our environment.


State standards covered during adventure include:

Social Studies: K-1, K-4.3, 1-1.1,1-1.3, 1.-1.4,2-1.1, 2-3

Science: K.S.1A.1, K.L.2A, K.E.3, 1.E.4, 2.E.2, 2.L.5

Math: K.NS.1, K.MDA.2, 1.ATO.1, 1.NSBT.1


Suggested readings:

An Alpaca in My Pocket by Mindy J.B. Whitten

Aa is for Alpacas by Sue Carolane

Figaro Grows a Sweater  by Caroline Gregg

Perky the Alpaca Story by Michal Ann Morrison



Wear comfortable shoes; you will be walking on uneven terrain

This is a working farm and bugs do exist.  Those that have allergies to fire ants or other biting insects should take extra caution.

Do not forget to bring a camera!

Portable restrooms and hand washing stations are available. 

Students will be able to touch the fleece and see final products made from the alpaca yarn.

Students will be able to touch the fleece and see final products made from the alpaca yarn.

One of our educational boards to enhance the learning experience!

One of our educational boards to enhance the learning experience!

Updated July 25, 2019