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Fertilize Your Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Alpaca Tea Bags

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Product Specs

  • Alpaca tea is an organic fertilizer that improves the structure of soil by increasing its ability to store and release nutrients. It is less likely to “burn” your plants. By steeping the manure (letting it sit in water overnight), you create a liquid nutrient- the color of tea- that enhances the growth of plants. Insects find the aroma of alpaca manure offensive, so you can also use alpaca tea as a pesticide.

Product Description

Each bag makes two 5 gallon buckets of alpaca tea that can be transfered into a watering can or spray bottle for easier application. Plant the tea bag in your garden or compost pile when are you done with it.

We also offer larger quantities of alpaca beans including 50 lb bags and by the truck . Contact us directly for pricing details.