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For your safety and for the protection of our land and animals, we ask that you read all the rules and guidelines listed below. Please observe and follow ALL notices and signs.


  1.  Absolutely NO THROWING of feed, rocks, sticks, etc.

  2. We love dogs but please don’t bring yours to the farm. Our guard animals may see them as a threat to the alpacas. Service dogs are ok but please let the staff know so we can move our livestock guard dog. 

  3. Alpacas only have teeth on the bottom. When feeding the alpacas, use a flat hand to ensure your hand is not pinched.

  4. Please do not bring food from home for the farm animals.

  5. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on the farm! Anyone smoking will be asked to extinguish their cigarette or cigar and/or asked to leave.

  6. No weapons or costume weapons that give the appearance of being real are allowed on the farm.

  7. To make this a fun & educational experience for all, we ask that you please WATCH, MAINTAIN & CONTROL your children. Please read and obey all signs as they are intended for the safety of all.

  8. Please be careful when walking around our fields. The ground can be uneven and fire ant mounds can appear overnight.

  9. DO NOT open any farm gates.

  10. Our animals love selfies but no one is allowed into the pastures for photoshoots unless prior authorization has been obtained and escorted by our staff.  To learn more about our photoshoot opportunities, please contact us!

  11. Please be aware and keep well away from tractors and farm machinery while in use. We are a working farm and our machines are active continuously throughout the day.

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