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Request a Field Trip

Thank you for your interest in booking a field trip with our farm! We will reach back out within 48 hours to confirm your date and send additional information

Farm Experiences

We love to share our farm with everyone.

Depending on your group's size, the tour can last up to 2 hours. 

  • There is a charge of $7 per person. 

  • For school groups, we do not charge for teachers or chaperones.


Under our covered shelter, groups will be given a short education presentation about alpacas and llamas.  Groups will have the opportunity to feed the herd, touch their fleece, and take plenty of pictures.   


In addition, visitors will explore water conservation, the importance of pollinators, a worm farm, and so much more. To extend your visit and learning, many groups visit Lever Farms located just 5 minutes from our location. They offer pumpkins in the fall and strawberries in the spring. 

FARM STORE: Our on-site farm store has a variety of items available for purchase between $0.50 and $20.  

  • Teachers receive a 10% discount on any purchase inside the farm store!


We have a covered picnic shelter, tables, and chairs to seat over 60.  We have plenty of shade for blankets.  Groups are welcome to bring their own lunches or arrange with us to provide lunch.  We have large trash cans, places to wash hands, and restrooms.


Can't visit our farm in-person due to Covid restrictions or distance?  We have virtual and on-site options!  


Let us bring the field trip to your school!  $5 per student Minimum of 100 students.  School must be within 30 miles of the farm.  Call for more details.   


Social Studies: K-1, K-4.3, 1-1.1,1-1.3, 1.-1.4,2-1.1, 2-3

Science: K.S.1A.1, K.L.2A, K.E.3, 1.E.4, 2.E.2, 2.L.5

Math: K.NS.1, K.MDA.2, 1.ATO.1, 1.NSBT.1

The state standards listed above cover grades K-2.  Our tours can be customized for all age ranges and group sizes.


Scout groups...Contact us for badge and patch earning opportunities.

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