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What a great way to experience the love and joy that alpacas and llamas can bring to our lives – without actually taking one home with you!   Owning livestock is a lot of work, takes a very big commitment and requires some land!  We want to share the best parts of the experience with you!

An Alpaca or Llama sponsorship makes a unique and unforgettable gift for someone special in your life….or for yourself.  Sponsor one for your group or class!

For an annual fee of $50, you select one of our alpacas or llamas that participates in the sponsorship program on our farm and become his or her sponsor for one full year.  You will also receive fantastic gifts and exclusive benefits during your yearlong plan:

  • A framed picture with a bio of your chosen alpaca/llama and a llama/alpaca finger puppet.

  • A special gift during the year

  • A nesting ball and refill containing your adopted animal’s fleece. 

  • Up to 4 cards mailed to the sponsor from the farm 

To start your sponsorship, email me at!


alpacas at Carolina Pride Pastures
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