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Just a Sunday afternoon visit

Palm Sunday 2020 service was different this year. Pastor Darlene and I have bonded over the last couple of Sundays as we use technology to continue church. I was home before lunch and the girls went to my mom's. I thought, yes, alone! Eric was working the weekend and it was a perfect time to get the farm website up-to-date. I had new handmade items, needed to update some products, and just standard website maintenance.

Then the farm entrance bell goes off. Well, here comes the kids and that ends the farm paperwork. I look out and see a nice car coming up the driveway. I get on my boots and head down. The car comes closer to the house and out steps a bright smiling, tall and well-built African-American man. He tells me that he and his girlfriend had been looking for an alpaca farm forever. He says he just left turkey hunting, made a wrong turn, and look what he found. I told him to come on down to the farm, he was welcome to take pics.

As he got out of the car, I see the tattoos and how well built he was. I had this feeling like I should know him. He says you a Clemson fan. With pride, I give a #spursup and say Go Cocks! He smiles. I tell him my brother-in-law and nephews are better big fans.

As he takes pics and laughs, he asks me how the #cornavirus is affecting our business and we chat. I show him the difference between the llamas and the alpacas. He talks about how he can't wait to bring his girlfriend back. I tell him to make sure to share and tag his pics on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. That right now, #socialmedia is vital to us. He tells he has a pretty good following on Instagram and he would share his pics to his story. I tell him to follow me to the shop and I will get him my business card so he can bring his girlfriend back. We get in the shop and he buys a few items. I don't have my phone but I can run and get it or I can take #cashapp or #venmo. He gets my #cashapp, thanks me, and heads out.

I walk back up to the house still thinking that he was probably a Clemson football player I should know. I walk in the house, check my phone, and there is the #cashapp notification. You got cash from......Tajh Boyd. I can't stop laughing. Oh I am in trouble. No autograph for the nephews or brother-in-law.

I really didn't think he would post anything but sure enough later that afternoon, he mentioned in his #instagram story to his 89K followers......our farm, Carolina Pride Pastures! And then followed us! Listen, in the social media influencer world, this is HUGE for a small farm.....especially during this time. Our farm has lost about 75% of its business. No field trips for this season and we are prepping for none this fall. No weekend tours with visitors shopping in our farm store. No #agandarttour. No open shearing days. Social media and our website is vital to us weathering this bad season.

Alright #gamecocknation, #womanup, #spursup, #gamecocks who is going to be my Gamecock surprise visitor with a shout out on social media????????

Some times a wrong turn leads to great adventure for you....the one lost and the one found.

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