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One of my favorite shows from the '90s (yes, I was in high school and college then!) was Friends. The "Pivot" episode still makes me #lol! The pivot theme has been reoccurring in 2020.

We started out 2020 with high expectations for our #farmfieldtrips. Then #covid19 hit. All bets were off. I had been invited to pitch for a grant through the #SCDA in early June and felt good about it. My pitch was to develop virtual farm experiences that could be downloaded from our website. The experiences would be interactive, have downloadable worksheets, and hit National Educational Standards in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies for all grade levels.

I felt pretty good about my chances when I left the pitch. I waited almost two weeks on #pinsandneedles before I got the news....#IWON! Now the real work begins, developing the program. I hired a marketing firm, began to develop to curriculum, and scripts.

We are in full production as we speak. Not only are we developing the virtual farm experiences, we are also developing an Alpaca 101 seminar, a T-shirt line, and #christmasornaments. We hope to have the first phase of the farm field trip experiences for grades K4 through 3 available by September 1. Our T-shirt line will be available on our webstie for purchase by the end of the month. The next phase, preschool, will be available by October 1 and the Alpaca 101 seminar soon there after. The goal is to have all phases including closed captioning and translations into Spanish completed by May 2021.

I am excited about what the future holds for the farm. Although over 75% of our farm income has stopped, we know with a good #pivot, we will make it out of this #pandemic with a better, stronger income stream.

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